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Welcome to Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy

Welcome to Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy

Teach your family to have an healthy relationship with food.

Jennifer Fookes, RPh., BSc. Pharm

I challenge the current delivery of health care with joy and common sense and am committed to easing suffering, building strength and revitalizing my clients.


Fresh Local Food

At Mortar & Pesto we believe food is medicine.

Herbal Dispensary

Our herbal dispensary grows and sells natural remedies.

Prescriptions & Compounding

Fully licensed, locally owned natural pharmacy.

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What is a Natural Pharmacy?

A natural pharmacy is inspired health where science and nature meet!

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Customer Testimonials

Some kind words from customers of Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy.

Jen Gordon

I absolutely adore this little green pharmacy. Jenn and her staff have shown time and time again their commitment to our overall health, they aren’t just there to fill a prescription they are there because they care! I love the variety of natural product available. The value of community is shown with supporting other local small businesses within the store! Always leave there with a smile!

Chelsea Jamieson

Working in the health and sustainability field gave me a chance to hear tons of experiences of Jen’s work. As a fan of functional medicine I feel so grateful that we have her and mortar and pesto in Red Deer. I have taken classes that were put on by a local school that was food based & it just goes to show that her intentions are not all $. She cares about true health and the community! It is hard to come by a business that is integrative with pharmaceutical and natural health. A true gem for people who want quality products and to support local!

Kimberley Bye

I’m feeling hopeful after my consultation with Jenn! She has tremendous knowledge and wisdom in everything I was concerned about. She amazed me with her knowledge! It was truly a wonderful and hopeful meeting. I know we will get to the bottom of my health issues.

I highly recommend anyone that is struggling with health issues to visit her for a consultation. She is also very easy to talk with and you are comfortable with her in a moment! Thank you so very much Jenn!

Pre-Booked Virtual Appointments

If you currently have an appointment and selected an online option please follow the link below to check in for your consult. If you’d like to book your own appointment please call us at: 403.986.1700

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