Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated professionals bringing our skills and knowledge together to blend science and natural remedies to optimize our clients’ wellness.

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Our Objectives

  • Ease suffering
  • Build strength
  • Revitalize the body
  • Balance the micro biome
  • Teach individual dietary strategies with collaborative care

Our Vision: Prevent, Pursuit, Recover

  • To insure and equip every client with the tools to prevent dis-ease through nutrition, knowledge and skills.
  • To guide the pursuit of optimal health and human function through clear goals and evidence based recommendations.
  • To be a leader in integrative delivery of tools and provide the skills needed to equip a client with the most favorable route to illness recovery, each in their own unique way.
  • To bring new skills, knowledge and products to the wellness experience conveniently held within the realm of a professional pharmacy.
  • To provide a leadership role in care of human micro biomes (collectively the holobiont).
  • Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Novel treatments and access to clinical trials
  • Monitoring lab testing, saliva, Rocky Mountain analytical
  • Anti-aging
  • Compounding expertise
  • Eco-living/stewardship with real experience
  • “A team with collective wisdom”

Latest Blogs

Herbal Dispensary

Our herbal dispensary grows and sells natural remedies.

Prescriptions & Compounding

We are a fully licensed, locally owned natural pharmacy.

New Products

Online shopping is coming soon.